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What do you think of Sergio? Do you like him?

I like him, find him charming. Formerly also thought he was cute and everything else, but… I thought he was kind of childish and was kinda attention whore. 

But it’s been a while since I think he's changed a lot, he definitely is much more mature and he don’t cares more about silly things that he used to care before.


La presentadora de televisión, una de las mujeres más deseadas, acaba de estrenar maternidad. Más bella y ‘sexy’ que nunca, brilla con luz propia.


Pilar Rubio y Sergio Ramos en la revista Lecturas

Revista Semana

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(Source: sr4oldpics)

Elle Spain

Sergio Ramos & Pilar Rubio at René & Vania’s Wedding - 20.07.2014

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Gorgeous Pilar in the wedding of Sergio’s brother. She wore:

Carolina Herrera SS 2014 collection red silk gown and Carolina Herrera clutch; Not online

Suarez Collection Grace White gold earring with a central diamond and diamond border 0.20 carat and 0.15 border. Price:1.920€ here 

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Hey there sweety!!:)))Do you remeber me??I just wanted to thank you for all of the photos from the wedding.Who’s your fave wag after Pilar??:)))

Hello. Most of the pictures were posted by other blogs, I just reblog. I’m not very connected in wags, but if I have to choose… I choose Fanny Neguesha (Balotelli's girlfriend).

Hugs and thanks for the message!!