Revista Semana - August 27, 2014

Revista Semana - August 272014

Entre rockabilly y swing

Un look de entretiempo



MH. You look happy.

P. I am. I’m really enjoying the moment and my child.

MH. Many parents now re-evaluate to see if it’s appropriate or not to upload photos of their children to social networks … would have been raised Sergio Ramos and you?

P. I try to act with all possible…

Photos for  Mujer Hoy magazine

Interview with Pilar Rubio.

omgmelissandmarc said: Aww shes so beautiful 😍

Yes, she’s very pretty in this cover. ;-)

thestarswillkissyouatnight said: i recently started a general wag confession blog and i was wondering if you could maybe check it out? football-confess-wags(.)tumblr(.)com Thanks soooooooo much!

Ok. Thanks for the invitation.

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not new

Blanco también en el calzado

El color de verano


Pilar Rubio y Sergio Ramos Rubio en la revista Diez Minutos